It’s the year 4020 in Baltimore and humans, cyborgs, androids and alien worlds have collided. On the weekends partygoers and patrons gather at the livest strip club to party. Rapper, Starrz, one of the club’s top ballers  finds his eyes set on a young half human half android stripper named Cherry 84. Seducing him with her technology she sends the love struck baller into a trance. Cyborg Luna played by TT The Artist  runs a no nonsense policy for all her ladies and is quick to shake up the club with sassy feminine powers. 

Directed and Edited  by Spuddsmckenzie
Co - Directed and Creative Director TT The Artist
Producer and Wardrobe Rose Diferdinando
Warddrobe Assistant : Ian Andrews
Music By Mighty Mark
Hair by: PopnGloss
Make Up by: Amber Williams and Siobhan Beckett
Nails By: Curet Nails


@spuddsmckenzie @tttheartist @iamstarrz @iammightymark @thatsorose @popngloss
@ambbssssssssmua @shivmakeupfx @curetnails

Cast and Special Appearances by: 
Nyasha Dixon, Tia Reid , Atalous Mayo, Ivy Christiana, Dai Burger, Just Call Me Smoove, Vontee Marshall, Buffy the Beauty, Ashley T Moore, Rovomonty

Rest in peace Will Kearney- Police Officer - Thank you for lending your talents to this production!