Some Good Reviews of "Im Ready" by K.S.,Rell,and Mike-Mike(Z.O.M.E.) produced by you know

We got too much swag./That word is kinda overused so no–we can’t say that…” Some rather elegant, strangely elaborate, swag/not-swag rap from Baltimore club producer Murder Mark and his Z.O.M.E (Zoo On Mars Entertainment) crew, K.S, Mike-Mike, and Rell. Though Z.O.M.E’s music aims for the “Pretty Boy Swag”, hyper-minimalism taking over rap’s youth scene(s) right now, Murder Mark production here is pure headphone music. A wobbling synthesizer jumps into the mix for Mike-Mike’s hook and then slips away, replaced by those kinda classy keys once it’s time for rapping again. The space between the purposefully plodding beat gets filled with vaporous electronics and on the outro, Murder Mark even employs that underwater-sounding trick that sneaks into everything dance-ready from unimpeachable Detroit techno classics to the music video version of “Honky Tonk Badonkadonk.” Mike-Mike is the real highlight here though, as he’s both a spirited club vocalist and the most interesting rapper. Talking shit and halfway laughing through his verse and just generally bringing something unhinged to the song’s hook.
Gimmick free music is especially rare on the younger end of hip-hop’s generational gap, so this club-leaning jam from Baltimore crew Z.O.M.E (Zoo on Mars Entertainment) is a special treat. The trio takes advantage of the empty spaces in producer Murder Mark’s synth-clap beat with manic rhymes about how unfuckwitable they are.

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