The Long Awaited Lil Nay(Team Gutta) vs K.S.(Z.O.M.E.) Battle Went Down Monaday Night @ Mortal Combat As A Special battle And It Was Crazy!!!

So Now I'm Bout To Give My Unbiased Opinion On The Battle....Between "The Last Man Standing Champion" K.S and "Mr. I'm The Shit Hands Down" Lil Nay!!!

Round 1-K.S
Everyone was waiting for this moment.The streets had been talking and  K.S. had been absent from the battle scene. YouTube videos from both camps had been made as well as videos from both popular battle leagues mentioning some type of way. K.S. not battling for a moment worked in his favor K.S.'s style seemed fresh and innovative. Lil Nay got real personal with is verse in the beginning, the energy was way up there but the wordplay and creativity was not.This first round set the tone for the rest of the battle. Cleverness and Witt verse street metaphors and straight energy
My Favorite Lines From Round 1
K.S-"You a think i was throwing coins the in the air the way i change up"
Lil Nay-"Grab Him Choke Bruise Him Facebook Poke Him Up Bruise His Upper Polygraph"

Round 2-K.S.
This was by far my favorite round. Both of em brought it this round,but once again I think that K.S.'s wordplay and the way he structures his bars is to complex for Lil Nay's one liners. K.S. battles for YouTube and he uses that to his advantage. If you were at the battle it would of appeared as if the Last Man Standing Battle champion was outmatched but his lines standout when it comes to YouTube because the people sit and rewind it over and over again. K.S. took this round easily nothing surprised me from Lil Nay This Round
My Favorite Lines From Round 2
K.S."You Gonna Need A Million Taxes...a gift from Adam, Eve's Apple and some different glasses"
       "You aint the shit hands won't drag a nigga from mcullogh homes to landsdown.cus before u   get to landsdown you have to come thru that bad town my niggas waiting in the background we move big heat call em Shaq rounds"
Lil Nay-N/A

Round 3-Lil Nay.......O.T.-K.S.
This is where it gets interesting. In Round 3 K.S. slips up big time...and chokes in the middle of his verse.Lil Nay seizes this opportunity and runs with it. As soon as K.S. ends his verse prematurely you can see the self proclaimed "Best In The City" get amped along with his Team Gutta Crew. The Unlimited Round stipulation also came back to haunt K.S. This seemed to be Lil Nay's longest round lol..and his most creative. His roger that sequence of lines was crazy i can't really explain it just watch the video. In the O.T. round I think K.S. regained his composure and just battled like he normally would but Lil Nay was overwhelmed from the previous round..his rhymes didn't really flow together as they did in the previous 3 rounds.
My Favorite Lines From Round 3
K.S.- "N/A"
Lil Nay-"Crowd Interaction To Start Off His Round" "Regular cable he say a lot of basic shit"
I'm not gonna prolong .....this battle could of went either way....both of em did their thing. But if I had to go with a count K.S. won round 1,2, and the O.T. but he did choke in round 3. People gonna hate me but....
             K.S. versus Lil Nay(Pit Fights Battle League)
                      K.S. wins by a slight margin
                            signed-Murder Mark