Skarr Akbar-Jackpot(Directed by Wiz Productions and Dan Da Cameraman)

So I've been kinda out of the loop when it comes to what's going on in Bmore but this video grabbed my attention when co-director Dan Da Cameraman tagged me in a post via Facebook. For Dan's latest work he teamed up with another very talented and upcoming director Wiz to produce the image for "Jackpot", the newest single from one of Baltimore's most respected hip-hop artists Skarr Akbar. This is probably one of the best video productions I've seen from a D.M.V based producer in a while and this video only helps to shed light on how much potential these two directors have. This image brings the audio to life and isn't what you would expect for this type of song. I have heard numerous tracks from Akbar and this video makes me want to go take another listen to his entire catalog. Exactly what a music video should do in my eyes!!!

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Update-Behind The Scenes Footage