Deydidit-A Reintroduction

Aodidit constructed the artwork for my Ayo Volume 1 mixtape and now he wants to introduce you to his new talented team called "Deydidit". I always support talented individuals especially from my hometown. Take a second to read the press release on Deydidit

When you hear the name Deydidit, the most common question is "But what did they do?".
          Deydidit is a network, created by AODIDIT, of talented and skillful people, ranging from graphic designers, dancers, musicians/DJs/Producers, actors, models etc. Since Deydidit's official debut one year ago, its been a  challenge finding the perfect formula for a fully functional team, but it seems the formula has been found. Deydidit: A Reintroduction , gives viewers a glimpse of the 2011 Deydidit Network attending a photoshoot by the one and only Dan Da Cameraman.

Take a deeper look into the Deydidit Network August 19th when is 

officially released.