First of all shouts out to Dan because I've been meaning to post this all week. I'm not one of those sites that just post videos without any critique and I'm not one of those sites that just throw up tons of songs and videos everyday. Me and Dan Da Cameraman have been progressing together in this DMV music/video for a while together and we always bounce ideas and feedback off of each other. Honest feedback. Now thats out of the way lets review!!!.

I love this song and Carmen Camren's voice. I heard of Carmen before but never heard of her music I always knew her from her writing. With the recent popularity of dance music and R&B  females taking the pop lane I'm glad to hear so much soul in this record. I also heard to the grapevine that the big homie Rod Lee co-produced the record with King Midas which explains why it has that Baltimore feel. I always say that Baltimore should embrace its own sound more and this track should be an example of how to do so effectively. The track sounds so polished and my only gripe is that is wan't released in May or June because this is an easy summertime hit.

Now when it comes to the video I think that the video does a great job a telling a story and conveying emotion. This is actually the best song that I think Dan has had to work since my own video(You The Best) lol. The video is excellent when you are watching and you actually feel like you are watching a relationship unfold. It's like watching "The Game" on Bet without all the talking. Too many times directors get to caught up in effects and props and extra things that they lose of the essence of the song. I would of never caught onto this song if it wasn't for the video and watching the video makes me like the song even more. Isn't that what the video is supposed to do?. Great work by Carmen Camren, Dan Da Cameraman, the producers and all parties involved.

Carmen Camren
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Dan Da Cameraman
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