This is the first release in my monthly mixtape series. Murder Mark presents Hardcore features some of the most violent, hardcore, gutta, and vicious Baltimore Club tracks out today. Make sure you subscribe to my email list by clicking here. Subscribers will receive all updates on everything Murder Mark and early copies of the next two mixtapes "Horny Girls" and "Kanye In Bmore".

1. I Ain't Budging-Murder Mark
2. My Niggaz-Dj Juwan featuring Mike-Mike and Murder Mark
3. Shake His Bush-Murder Mark and Mike-Mike
4. I'm Da Shit-Gucci Mane featuring Da Yo Boyz
5. Freaky Girl-Debonair Samir
6. Who Want What-Debonair Samir
7. Throw It Up..lol- Rod Lee
8. Where You From- K.W. Griff
9. Y'all Ain't Safe-K.W. Griff
10.Ride or Die- King Tutt
11.  Get My Gun- Blaqstarr
12.Gun Up In The Air- Blaqstarr
13.Wave Ya Gun In The Air- Murder Mark
14.Gangstaz and Punks-Benny Stixx
15. Gangstaz and Punks(Remix)-Murder Mark and Mike-Mike
16.They Fight-Dj K-Spin
17.Don't Make Me Kill- K.W. Griff
18. Hard In The Pain-Murder Mark