TT The Artist Money Monsta Mixtape Cover Art Revealed

The Above Image Is The Edited Version Click Here For The Explicit Version.

Money Monsta: Noun - An individual who is valued for their goods and services

"MONEY MONSTA," is the debut mixtape release of rising recording artist Tt The Artist.
"MONEY MONSTA," highlights  Tt's musical  journey and is an exploration of an artist struggle and desire for success.  

The inspiration for the original cover art ( designed by Tt The Artist and photographed by J.M. Giordano) represents the female persona seen in the music industry as a sexual object and the ideas of "sex sells." 
The mask (created by Catherine Jena Julia Yard) represents the "MONSTA," the struggle female artist encounter through 
the music industry to be successful. As an artist finding her own unique way of penetrating the music industry, 
Tt has encountered the good and evil personas of money.  

"MONEY MONSTA," also represents Tt as a business women who sets out to meet the demands of the music industry through delivering universal music with creative concepts. 

MONEY MONSTA  will be available for Free Download on 6.11.12

Cover art featured Model: Ivy Christiana

Of couse the mixtape features a ton of new productions by yours truly.