Uneek Gives The Youth An Opportunity To Rock Off for the Crown Bmore Style!!!

Uneek(Center) with the King and Queen of Bmore Winners 2010
The King of Baltimore and We Run This City Group Dance Battles are two of my favorite events to go to every year. I love watching the dancers "rockoff" and have lots of respect from the creator of the whole movement. I caught up with Uneek the other day to ask him a few questions. Remember W.R.T.C. group dance battle goes down December 10th.

Murder Mark: I remember back with you started F.O.F.(former entertainment company ran by Uneek) a few years back and were doing local high school and 18 and over parties. I actually produced a few F.O.F. theme songs back in the day. How did you come up with the original King of Baltimore Idea which has become a yearly tradition in the dance community?

Uneek: The idea itself is a spin off K-Swift concept. When we were young teens she use to have us dancing down Hammerjacks in this "battle" style that had so much energy and made us feel so important. I wanted to give that back to the youth of today. As you grow up in the scene you hear the trash talk and gossip from dancers about who is the best in the city. I wanted to give them a chance to squash the talking and let the dance floor settle the dispute. 

Murder Mark: There is a lot of controversy every year about the winner of these competitions. How do you choose the judges and what must a solo dancer do to separate themselves from the rest of the pack?

Uneek: Baltimore Club has a deep History known only by the natives of baltimore. The originators of the club music and club dance era passed down talent and year by year we watch it grow into something bigger and better. In selecting judges i try to not shy away from our history. The only people who understand the moves and expressions are those who have an understanding of club dancing. I also aim for those with deep resumes. Individuals who has been on the scene, experienced wins and losses and earned their respect.I then go back to make sure i avoided personal ties with individual dancers. I try to select judges who are well known overall by all and not just a friend of one or two. 

Murder Mark: There aren't as many outlets for club dancers and the youth in general since the death of K-Swift and the recent closing of numerous closing of recreation centers. Some say that this is a great outlet for the youth and helps keep the club scene alive. How do you feel about this lol be honest.

Uneek: Its a great outlet..but can be even bigger and better. Its hard to get people to commit to positive when its nothing but negative surrounded around you, I however believe that if everyone would come out to one show, and see the faces of these young people, you will be convinced. 

Murder Mark: It seems like this gets bigger every year. Where do you see yourself, K.O.B., and W.R.T.C. in the next 5 years.

Uneek: In 5 yrs I hope to have enough sponsors and city support that this event can be seen at least state wide. Maybe a local pay per view or something of that sort. I wanna give away prizes that really impact there lives, set them up for college dorm life and show them theres ways to achieving your dreams and goals that dont involve the negativity surrounding us. I just believe and want everyone to believe in them. 

Uneek rockin off himself at the 2nd annual We Run This City Group Dance Battle

Support the youth Support positive movements. Attend the We Run This City Group Dance Battle December 10th. T.S.U. who were featured in my "You The Best Video" try to retain their title for the third time against some of the best groups in the D.M.V.

For  more info or to help support the cause here is the contact info

Facebook- King 'Of Baltimore 
Facebook- Neek B'Chillin

Twitter- @KOB_Productions
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"I'm so excited to share that this past week-end I had the opportunity to attend the 2011 KING OF BALTIMORE DANCE COMPETITION hosted by UNEEK, BUCK JONES ,AND A FEW MORE BMORE LEGENDS. While attending the event, I had a photo op with the winning dancers... representing for the ladies "FATGIRL" and for the fellas "MCLOVIN" both dancers showcased amazing skill and talent MCLOVIN with his smooth technique and crowd-pleasing swag and FATGIRL with her diva dance steps and witty execution puts these guys in a league of their own."-TT The Artist.
 I love the K.O.B. dance battle and it was my third time attending and as always it was a blast. Uneek and Takeova Ent put toegther a great event as always.

Congratulations To McLovin "King of Baltimore 2011" Here goes some footage from his amazing preliminary round

Fagirl's Prelimianry