From My Old Rhyme Book

I stumbled across all of my old raps and poems from my high school years. I am gonna be posting some of my favorite ones sporadically in the next weeks.(Yeah sporadically was my word of the day lol)

"Some say that appearance gives the first impression but I say it's the worst perception. Cuz my jeans sag low when I gets to stepping you think I'm packing a lethal weapon. Your eyes setting of misconceptions. signals in your brain making bias perceptions. If you could see my face as your reflection. My pain is you pain you'll learn a lesson. You'll know the hood life no more guessing. Informing dudes lyrically thats my profession. What you know about easing your pain with a blunt. Bout hustling food stamps on the first of the month. Lying about the money you get..because the money you get determines your rent. The hood prevents black life like birth control. It has the power to smash your dreams hurt your soul. Its disgusting people with potential out here hustling but in the end they really have nothing"
Murder Mark 2006
Thats when I was really on my self-conscious hip-hop shit lol