2010 Best of Baltimore-Best Club Producer

Murder Mark wins 2010 Best of Baltimore Best Club Music Producers as voted by the City Paper.
article written by Brandon Soderburg.
Murder Mark’s signature sound is an absolutely horrifying buzz of synthesizers—like the sound of club’s youth s
scene attacked by bees—rubbing up against a surprisingly traditionalist sense of sample-chopping and looping. He 
has a wealth of fun increasing the BPMs of the forever-classic “Think” loop (see his club take on “Pretty Boy Swag,” co-produced with DJ K-Spin) or slicing-up the seemingly unsampleable (the busy, goofy beat of “B.M.F” for his Baltimore take on the Rick Ross summer jam), and for much of Ayo Vol. 1, his most recent club mix, Mark tests out a sound that’s almost entirely electronic, informed by skittering techno and the tinny beats of Southern rap as well as traditionalist club.