Much Love From DJ JBVICIOUS In His "Best of BMORE CLUB 2010 "via

DJ JBVicious says…. There was some tremendous production work by so many Dj’s/Producers this year. It was extremely tough to narrow it down to the top 10. A part of me felt like I wanted to pick 10 tracks from 10 different producers but at the end of the day I felt that these were the producers that deserved two or three of the top picks because that’s how good there productions were. So with that said, this is my personal opinion of the top 10 Bmore Club tracks released in 2010. Just for everyone who was wondering… My #11 was “Uncle Jesse – Glen Tech (K.W. Griff Remix) & My #12 was “Emynd – From Philly To Paris”. Damn I wanted to put both those tracks in this mix but I felt strongly about the top 10 I chose. I’m giving Murder Mark enough props for Baltimore Club Producer of the year! His tracks define “Bmore Gutter Music”! He holds three of my top 10 picks and he deserves the respect! I could have mixed 10 tracks in 10 – 15 Mins but I purposely extended this mix so that people could here the greatness of each track I chose. Hope u all enjoy my Top 10 Bmore Mix! “Happy 2011 New Year!”

1] Murder Mark – You The Best
2] K.W. Griff ft. Porkchop – Bring In The Katz
3] Jon Kwest – 1 Gun, 2 Gun
4] Murder Mark ft. Mike Mike – Shake His Fucking Bush
5] Jon Kwest – Party Stopper 2
6] DJ Booman – Let The Beat Ride
7] Murder Mark – Hard In The Paint
8] Udachi – P-Funk Skank (Dave Nada Remix)
9] Thunderbird Juicebox – Murda Style
10] Munchi – Murda Sound

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I did a mix as well click here to download