Ayomurdermark.com Promo Mix December

2nd installment of my monthly mix series. I been meaning to post for a while. Look for the last track in the mix. A preview of things to come. Enjoy!!!
  Ayomurdermark.com Promo Mix December by Murder Mark
1.R U Ready-Murder Mark
2. Are You Ready(Dj 695 Rock Off Remix)-Rod Lee 
3.Attention March-Dj B-Easy 
4. The Rumble- Dj B-Easy 
5.Black and Gold-Shake Off J and Matic 
6.My Girl's Orgasm(The Diva Song)-Dj Sega 
7.Fake Ass Bitches(Ny Club Mix)-Cobra Krames and Dj A.N.S. 
8.Thug Style- Thunderbird Juiceboxx 
9.Ride or Die-King Tutt 
10.Whatchu Takin Bout-Mike Mumbles featuring Mike-Mike and Rell 
11.Muscle Up- Mike-Mumbles 
12.Get up Bitch-Dj Tigga 
13.Let The Horns Rock-Dj Tigga 
14.Back Stabba-Dj 695 
15.Rep Your Set-Murder Mark 
16.You The Best-Murder Mark 
17.Best Lets Go Loop-Murder Mark 
18.You The Best-Dj Pierre Remix 
19.Garage Music(Demo)-Murder Mark

#MusicMondays 1-3-2010 "They Talkin Shit" by K.S.,TT The Artist and Mike-Mike(Produced by Murder Mark)


This Monday I release my favorite joint thus far,"They Talkin Shit". I had to give y'all something different this time around. Even though this isn't a Baltimore Club Track you can hear some of my club roots with the sliced vocals within the instrumental. Trying show my versatility..lol. On this on this track you have the usual suspects TT The Artist and Mike-Mike as well as Z.O.M.E. member K.S. They had some things to get off their chest on this one and in my K.S. voice "If your offended this goes out to you"!!! (Artwork by TT the Artist)

Much Love From DJ JBVICIOUS In His "Best of BMORE CLUB 2010 "via Baltimore-Club.com

DJ JBVicious says…. There was some tremendous production work by so many Dj’s/Producers this year. It was extremely tough to narrow it down to the top 10. A part of me felt like I wanted to pick 10 tracks from 10 different producers but at the end of the day I felt that these were the producers that deserved two or three of the top picks because that’s how good there productions were. So with that said, this is my personal opinion of the top 10 Bmore Club tracks released in 2010. Just for everyone who was wondering… My #11 was “Uncle Jesse – Glen Tech (K.W. Griff Remix) & My #12 was “Emynd – From Philly To Paris”. Damn I wanted to put both those tracks in this mix but I felt strongly about the top 10 I chose. I’m giving Murder Mark enough props for Baltimore Club Producer of the year! His tracks define “Bmore Gutter Music”! He holds three of my top 10 picks and he deserves the respect! I could have mixed 10 tracks in 10 – 15 Mins but I purposely extended this mix so that people could here the greatness of each track I chose. Hope u all enjoy my Top 10 Bmore Mix! “Happy 2011 New Year!”

1] Murder Mark – You The Best
2] K.W. Griff ft. Porkchop – Bring In The Katz
3] Jon Kwest – 1 Gun, 2 Gun
4] Murder Mark ft. Mike Mike – Shake His Fucking Bush
5] Jon Kwest – Party Stopper 2
6] DJ Booman – Let The Beat Ride
7] Murder Mark – Hard In The Paint
8] Udachi – P-Funk Skank (Dave Nada Remix)
9] Thunderbird Juicebox – Murda Style
10] Munchi – Murda Sound

Download The Mix @Baltimore-Club.com by clicking here 
I did a mix as well click here to download

New Mike-Mike "6foot 7foot" Freestyle @mikemikezome #Zometruck

Everybody is doing there own versions of Lil Wayne's new single "6foot 7foot" so you know Mike-Mike had to put his own spin on it. #Zometruck. Its 6 shoes in the first row and 7 and the second row lol!!!

I also forgot to post another freestyle by Z.O.M.E. front runners K.S. and Mike-Mike. This is there version of Nicki Minaj's "Roman's Revenge" aka "Z.OM.E. Revenge"

My Weekly Playlist 12-27-2010

First and foremost I would like to let everyone to know that I'm a huge Daft Punk fan and I was extremely excited to hear that they were producing an original score for the new Tron:Legacy Movie. I'm gonna be bumping Daft Punk all this week.

Eventhough some people may not consider "freestyle battles" actual music. I have been watching a lot of rap battles via YouTube mobile. Hitman Holla vs Arsonal has been my favorite thus far.

Lupe Fiasco is easily top 5 "lyricists" of all time. Anybody disagree?

Last but not least I'm gonna be bumping this mixtape from Baltimore native Los who was just named one of Global Grind's "10 Great New Rappers"! Root Root Root For The Home Team!!

Click Here To Download via DatPiff

Shots From Dj Pierre's Cd Release Party @ The Ottobar Last Wednesday for FreindsDayz

This was my first time going out in a while. Sometimes I like to lock myself in the studio and just get into a zone but u have to have fun every once in a while lol. Dj Pierre has been playing my tracks since I first started back when he was the Friday night Dj at Contrast Hall for the Remix Tour. Make sure you get a copy of his latest  Bmore Club cd here Dj Pierre Volume 9 The Future and download these free tunes via Baltimore-Club
Be on the lookout for more exciting events on Wednesday's at The Ottobar "FreindsDayz". You might get to hear some new music by Me and TT The Artist upcoming project there real soon.

  DJ PIERRE SUMMER CLUB 2010 #4 by Baltimore DJ Pierre

The Scorn Couple: A Poetry Short

D.M.V Based. Video Director Dan Da Cameraman caught me off guard with this one. I heard about this project via Facebook and he really shows off his versatility with this video. This project is a far cry away from the typical videos you would see on Dan's YouTube channel. The poets, Pascal(Male) and Golden Infamous(Female), were on their A game as well. The old school flare helps bring the poem to life and enhances the overall feeling of the piece. I like this video and I love spoken word. Another great project by @dandacamerman

P.S. I would love to see a second part to "The Scorn Couple"

Starrz "Flyy Times Of Skyy Jones"

If you know me than you know that I love to support local music and if you really know me than you may know that "RealRap2" by Starrz was one of my favorite mixtape/albums ever from a local artist. I loved that shit and on Thanksgiving I couldn't hesitate to download his newest project. At first this caught me off guard I wanted a RealRap3 lol...at least thats what I thought I wanted. After giving this a full listen this shit rocks. Mr. Real Rap reinvented his self into Mr.Skyy Jones and took it to another level .This album contains a lot of joints that could go as street singles,the songs are more fleshed out, and he even through a pop track on there. Starrz shows is ability to expand into different genres....he did the hip-hop with "RealRap2" he gonna after the streets and clubs with this new mixtape..I'm excited to see whats next!!
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