We Live In Greensboro!!!

WQFS AND Artistika are collaborating once again, this time for ELECTROFUNK FRIDAYS and we're jam-packing it with all kinds of Baltimore Club.

Murder Mark w/ TT The Artist and Mike-Mike - voted "2010 Best Club Producer" in Baltimore City Paper, this young producer's menacingly danceable beats are dangerous in the best way possible, like a Neo-Tokyo nightclub showdown or a Carpenter synth-line fritzing out on electric shock, tonight rounded out by a double-team of more than able rappers, the elastic Mike-Mike and the sassy, creative TT The Artist

DJ Pierre - Voted "2009 Best Club DJ," Pierre is another wunderkind in the baltimore club scene, having DJ'd since the age of 9 (pre-lap top era, mind you), produced since the age of 14, and killed it since god knows when with an arsenal of horns, noises, chopped-up samples and drum loops all thrown forth with a vengeance on a slew of seasonal mixes and radio flips, quickly blowing up with a track on MIA's newest Vicki Leekx tape!

James Nasty - infusing the propulsive undulations of bmore club with the raunchy spirit of miami bass, Nasty (birth name Gross) gets fun with everything from a Kat Williams sample to a Ting Tings flip to a riff on Chris Rock's state of rap address from Never Scared (http://www.youtube.com/user/JamesNastyvision,http://jamesnasty.com/http://www2.citypaper.com/eat/story.asp?id=17999)

FREE FOR ALL STUDENTS WITH STUDENT ID or non-students $3 for 21+ & $5 for 18+
Doors at 8
Show at 9

New Mike-Mike "6foot 7foot" Freestyle @mikemikezome #Zometruck

Everybody is doing there own versions of Lil Wayne's new single "6foot 7foot" so you know Mike-Mike had to put his own spin on it. #Zometruck. Its 6 shoes in the first row and 7 and the second row lol!!!

I also forgot to post another freestyle by Z.O.M.E. front runners K.S. and Mike-Mike. This is there version of Nicki Minaj's "Roman's Revenge" aka "Z.OM.E. Revenge"