TT The Artist B-Day Rock Off

We rocking off for TT The Artist B-Day on  Sept 2 @ The Ottobar. This is an event that you don't want to miss. Trust Me. Dj James Nasty and Dj Pierre on the 1s and 2s playing that exclusive #bmoreclub. Special Performance by TSU(2 Time We Run This City Dance Battle Champions) and Fat Girl(Queen of Bmore Dance Champion). Debut of New TT The Artist and Sheila D Yeah "Unh"Click Here to RSVP via Facebook.

We Live In Greensboro!!!

WQFS AND Artistika are collaborating once again, this time for ELECTROFUNK FRIDAYS and we're jam-packing it with all kinds of Baltimore Club.

Murder Mark w/ TT The Artist and Mike-Mike - voted "2010 Best Club Producer" in Baltimore City Paper, this young producer's menacingly danceable beats are dangerous in the best way possible, like a Neo-Tokyo nightclub showdown or a Carpenter synth-line fritzing out on electric shock, tonight rounded out by a double-team of more than able rappers, the elastic Mike-Mike and the sassy, creative TT The Artist

DJ Pierre - Voted "2009 Best Club DJ," Pierre is another wunderkind in the baltimore club scene, having DJ'd since the age of 9 (pre-lap top era, mind you), produced since the age of 14, and killed it since god knows when with an arsenal of horns, noises, chopped-up samples and drum loops all thrown forth with a vengeance on a slew of seasonal mixes and radio flips, quickly blowing up with a track on MIA's newest Vicki Leekx tape!

James Nasty - infusing the propulsive undulations of bmore club with the raunchy spirit of miami bass, Nasty (birth name Gross) gets fun with everything from a Kat Williams sample to a Ting Tings flip to a riff on Chris Rock's state of rap address from Never Scared (,

FREE FOR ALL STUDENTS WITH STUDENT ID or non-students $3 for 21+ & $5 for 18+
Doors at 8
Show at 9

TGRI RADIO - EPISODE 9: The Baltimore Club Conversation w/ James Nasty (and Murder Mark)

To Listen and Learn More Please Visit

"At roughly the 25 minute point, we're joined by 2010's Best Club Music Producer at voted by the Baltimore City Paper, the aforemntioned Murder Mark who joins the conversation and has some very pointed, poignant, honest and charismatic comments about the present and future of the genre." -Marcus Dowling