#MusicMondays 1-17-2010 "Dj Saved My Life" by TT The Artist


2 weeks I gave you an up-beat hip hop track and this week I take it back to my Bmore roots with a Baltimore Club Track sampling Indeep's "Last Night A Dj Saved My Life".  I like to experiment with my music an so does my partner in crime TT The Artist! Around the 44 second mark she begins to rap in French!
                         Je Veux faire La fete=I want to part
                         Je besoin de la dance=I need to dance
                         Sa parte en Paris= It's a party in Paris
                         Sa party en france=It's a party in France
Wow....and it rhymes...now thats talent!

Indeep-"Last Night A Dj Saved My Life"