My Weekly Playlist 1-3-2011

     Happy New Year Everyone. This is my first weekly playlist of 2011 and I have to start the year off bumping some good music! I'm going to have this new track by Eminem titled "Syllables"on repeat all week. The beat has that "Marshall Matthers Lp" feeling and it fetaures Jay-Z,50 Cent,Dr.Dre,Stat Quo and Cashis.
Musiq Soulchild is one of my favorite R&B artists of all time and it always feels as if he says everything that I would say to a girl if i could sing lol. I fell in love with his debut album as soon as I heard it in my Aunt's car one weekend. Even though its old go cop it. #Isupportgoodmusic
Okay...I'm finally jumping on the J.Cole bandwagon. I actually avoided downloading any of J.Cole's previous work and wasn't a big fan of his music. I though he was just another one of them backpack rappers but I changed my mind when a promoter outside a local club handed me a hard copy J.Cole "Friday Night Lights". You can hear the hunger in voice when he spits and I love it.