Loop That Shit (Thunderbird Juicebox Remix) #Jacked Teaser

The closer I get to the Halloween release of #Jacked the more tracks you will hear slipping out. This will be a free release featuring some remixes of my hottest #bmoreclub tracks. This next preview comes from Thunderbird Juicebox. He kills his version of me and Mike-Mike's "Loop That Shit" from "The Party Starter".
P.S. I haven't been this excited for a club producer out of my city since Say Wut dropped "Crank It". I'm loving everything he makes right now. Check out some of these free downloads from his soundcloud.
 Thunderbird Juicebox - Shake That (Free 320kbps MP3 download) by Thunderbird Juicebox
 Thunderbird Juicebox - Shinebox by Thunderbird Juicebox

Ayo Volume 1 Special Edition

Last year I released my Ayo Volume 1-I Run This Bitch Mixtape. This summer I will be dropping my new mixtape. Ayo Volume 2-Y'all Ain't Ready. It seems as if my first mixtape is hard to find now but don't worry you can now download a special vesrion of Ayo Volume 1 for free
1.Intro-Murder Mark
2.I Run This Bitch-Murder Mark
3.Throw Your Gang Signs Up-Debonair Samir
4.Throw It Up-Murder Mark
5.Wild Out-Murder Mark
6. Super Mega-Murder Mark
7.I Go Hard-Murder Mark
8.Hold Up Remix-Murder Mark
9.Attack of The Horns-Murder Mark
10.Let The Horns Blow-Dj Say Wut
11.-Dirty Drum-Murder Mark
12.Garage Music-Murder Mark
13.Get Down To The Beat-Murder Mark
14.Lets Go Lets Get It-Murder Mark and Dj K-Spin
15.Dj K-Swift Tribute-Murder Mark
16.K-Swift Intro-Dj Johnny Blaze
17.Pork and Swift Joint-KW Griff
18.Mega Exclusive-Dj 695
19.Put Your Click Up-Dj 695 featuring Mike-Mike, Rell, K.S.
20.Lets Do It Again
21.She Rockin-TT The Artist
22.Can I Leave With You-Murder Mark, Rell, Mike-Mike, Debonair Samir
23.Cherry Hill and Down Ya Block-Murder Mark, Mike-Mike, Young H.I.D.