My Favorite Club Tracks of 2011

1.In My Hood(Dj Benny Stixx Remix)-Murder Mark and Mike-Mike-I was so excited about my #Jacked remix project all of the producers did a great job but this Benny Stixx remix of In My Hood from my Party Start project was my favorite by far. The homie Stixx killed the synths and flipped Mike-Mike vocals in ways that I hadn't even thought of yet. 

2. Tupac Back-Dj Sega- Dj Sega has been dropping heat all year releasing 3 eps within in a few months. This was off his The Throne is Watching Me Ep and I think that he may be making some of the best traditional  Bmore Club music right now event hough he is from Philly. I say this because alot of producers have drifted towards more experimental or original productions such as my self but Sega is creating amazing sounds by combining the right samples together. 2pac back reminds me of classics such as King Tutt's Ride hardcore chops and straight gangsta.

3.Gator Don't Play-Thunderbird Juiceboxx- Thunderbird Jucieboxx may be the producer to watch in 2012 he is dropping some real innovative stuff. I love this track because it a great Bmore Track and fidget track at the same. The way he blends styles is amazing and the Gator sample is guaranteed to the set the part off. This is the first song I loaded intro Traktor when I got it lol.

4.Torro Remix-Nadus- This joint is so smooth man the smoothest club record I've heard all year. When you play it it feels like club but also gives a entirely different vibe at the same time.

5.Back It Up-Rye Rye and Say Wut- Say Wut is one of my favorite producers and I was excited to see that he produced a few joints on Rye Rye mixtape. Say Wut's track are always energetic and who else to compliment his high octane production style than the queen of hype female club vocals Rye Rye. I always liked her voice better than Lil John's lol. Rye Rye + Say Wut= Club Classic!!!

6.You Don't Bang With Me-Dj Pierre and TT The Artist- The 2011 Best of Baltimore Club Producer teamed up with my partner in crime TT The Artist to create this club hit. This is what a cat fight would sound like on a bmore club track. "Broke Ass Bitch Ass Punk Ass You Ole Dumb Ass". The track is pretty simple with just a basic drum and stab hit but play this in a club and watch how the girls react.

7.Tear Shit Up(Cobra Krames Remix)-Murder Mark- I didn't know what to expect when Cobra Krames sent me his remix of my track Tear Shit Up. When I hear this track I think of people drunk in a dark basement smashing chairs into walls and breaking stuff. Excellent track to ger the party started.

8.Gucci In Parris-Dj eSenTRik- Man on man this track is crazy! Crazy idea and the way he merged these tracks together was amazing especially when it get the part when Kreyshawn say "I got that Swag I got that Swag".

9.BBG Anthem-Dj Jayhood, DJ Joker, Dj Tameil- I didn't know about Jayhood or Joker until their mega successful Hands On Ya Hips but after that track I've been bumping their joints constantly. This track really sounds like an anthem the sample used sounds something like a marching band or college university fight song. The best part of the song is when the legendary Tameil drops his crazy verse he killed it and caught me totally off guard by schooling the new generation of club producers on how its supposed to be done.

10. The Ninja Remix featuring Vanilla Ice-DjSega- Even though Dj Sega dropped this track on December 30th as a part of his latest free Ep this tracks makes my list because of the nostalgia effect. The samples he used in this track are from one of my favorite movies of all time Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2.

I would also like to share my favorite production of my own that dropped in 2011. I had to do it lol.

My Goodies(Dj Pierre and TT The Artist)

Dj Pierre and TT The Artist follow up their club hit "You Don't Bang Wit Me" with a new track called "My Goodies". You may have heard this on Dj Pierre's "TheeeeMixtapeeee2" but now he his dropping this as a solo track for the masses!!! Also be sure to check out all things TT
Alternate Download Link-

Dj Pierre "ThEEEE MiXtApEEEE 2"

Fresh of his win for Best Baltimore Club Music producer of 2011(as voted by the Baltimore City Paper). Dj Pierre releases the follow up to his first all original mixtape "TheEEEE MiXtApEEEE" with "ThEEEE MiXtApEEEE 2" . This joint is hot and includes some experimental #bmoreclub as well.  I co-produced a track on the mixtape and he has features from Zoo On Mars Artist's Mike-Mike and TT The Artist as well. This is a must download for any fan of club music or fan of good music in general. Download link after tracklist!!!
1. Intro Beat
2. I'm Ready
3. Marvin & Chardonnay Club
4. Until The End Of Time Break
5. U Don't Want No Problemz Feat. Mike-Mike
6. U Don't Bang Wit Me (Hip-Hop Version) Feat. TT The Artist
7. Go Hard
8. Din Da Remix 2011
9. So Cool Wit It
10. Rock That 4 Me
11. My Goodies (Taste Like Cookies) Feat. TT The Artist
12. Do It In The Hole
13. Fliii Shiddd feat. Rello
14. I Know The DJ Feat. Cuzzo Gmann
15. I Gotta Thing 4 U
16. Did It On Em Club
17. Just A Beat
18. Yeahh K-Swift
19. Drumz Rhythm (Co-Produced By Murder Mark)
20. Born 2 Win
21. Write It Down Feat. Rello
22. U Hating
23. I See U Haterz
24. Outro Beat
25. Watcha Say Beat (M.I.A's Teqkilla Remix)
26. Microchips (Baltimore DJ Pierre Version) Feat. James Hallard

P.S. One of my favorite tracks on the tape. This is going to be in my set for a while!!!

Do It Right Now X U Don't Wan't No Problems

You thought you would only hear Mike-Mike on Murder Mark Club beats didn't you!!! Well you thought wrong and for these new joints He teams up with Dj Juwan and Dj Pierre.

TT The Artist B-Day Rock Off

We rocking off for TT The Artist B-Day on  Sept 2 @ The Ottobar. This is an event that you don't want to miss. Trust Me. Dj James Nasty and Dj Pierre on the 1s and 2s playing that exclusive #bmoreclub. Special Performance by TSU(2 Time We Run This City Dance Battle Champions) and Fat Girl(Queen of Bmore Dance Champion). Debut of New TT The Artist and Sheila D Yeah "Unh"Click Here to RSVP via Facebook.